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Adath Shalom Congregation – Virtual Shabbaton August 2, 2020
Deuteronomy is not the most interesting of biblical books to read – it’s repetitive, there’s not a lot of action, and it’s dotted throughout with law codes and descriptions of rituals.  It is, however, of central importance historically. Understanding the what, when, where, and why of Deuteronomy’s composition goes a long way to understanding how Judaism is born out of the ashes of destruction and exile in the 6th century BCE.  Shawna will record a lecture on the centrality of Deuteronomy to the origins of Judaism, and hold a Q&A session about it during our Shabbaton August 2, after her Dv’ar Torah.
The book of Deuteronomy is comprised of a series of speeches delivered by Moses to the Israelites as they are about to enter the Promised Land. But, as Moses points out bitterly and repeatedly at the beginning of the book, even after all of his trials and tribulations, he himself will not be permitted to cross over.  Shawna’s dvar torah will look at two different explanations in the Torah for why Moses is forbidden from entering the Promised Land.


Learning in Retirement – A Taste of the Humanities

The Bachelor of Humanities is a four-year interdisciplinary tour of great ideas that shaped our world.  Drawing from the expertise of faculty in Religion, Philosophy, Art History, Music, Political Science, Anthropology, English, and other Carleton programs, students in the B. Hums. explore the texts, images, sounds, emotions, and intellectual leaps that make up the historical legacy of human attempts to capture truth and meaning.  Our students become culturally literate and well-educated global citizens, able to read, write, analyse and discuss ideas at a high level.  Team-taught by faculty from the Humanities program, this LIR course offers a taste of a Humanities degree for the intellectually curious.  Registration info available here.

Fridays 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Mar 13 through April 27, 2020.  Postponed until further notice.



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