University Courses

Following is a list of all of the university courses I have taught (or am currently assigned to teach – marked with an *), including links to syllabi for more recent courses.

Carleton University (2011-2020)

*Myth & Symbol (HUMS 1000) – co-taught with Chris Jensen

Myth and Symbol (HUMS 1000) – co-taught with Noel Salmond

Judaism Christianity and Islam (RELI 1710)

Hebrew Bible (RELI 2121)

Greek and Roman Sexuality (CLCV 2405)

Gender & Religion (RELI 2535)

Maccabees to Muhammad (RELI 2710)

Reading Biblical Hebrew (RELI 2842A)

Apocalypse in Film (RELI 2840A)

Rabbinic Texts (RELI 3120)

*Classical Theories of Religion (RELI 3741)

Adam and Eve and Their Interpreters (RELI 3842)

God in Israel (RELI 3850) – travel course

Theory & Method in the Study of Religion (RELI 4740)

ReConstructing Religion (RELI 4850/5850)

Sex & The Bible (RELI 4850/5850)

Religion and Public Life – The Jewish Community (RELI 4851/5851)

The Bible in Public Life (RELI 4851/5851)

Historiography, Historical Fiction, & Ancient Religion (RELI 4850/5850)

 Queen’s University (2010-2018)

Judaism (RELS 234)

Sages, Scholars & Rabbis (RELS 228)

Jewish Views of the Other (RELS 334/834)

Hebrew Prophets (THEO 710)

 Northeastern University (2006-2011)

Understanding the Bible

Introduction to Jewish Religion and Culture

Feminist Methodologies (graduate course in Sociology co-taught with Debra Kaufman)

Women in Religion

Adam and Eve and Their Interpreters

Apocalypticism in Film

Directed Group Study: The Bible in the Modern World

UC San Diego (2000-2006)

 Making of the Modern World 2: The Great Classical Traditions

Making of the Modern World 3: The Medieval Heritage

Humanities 1: The Foundations of Western Civilization

Texts and Contexts: The Holy Book in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Introduction to the New Testament

Goddess Worship in Western Religious Traditions

San Diego State University (2004-2006)

Introduction to World Religions

Exploring the Bible

Ancient Near Eastern Religions

The Hebrew Bible