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One of my greatest pleasures lies in bringing my knowledge of the ancient world, the Bible, and religious studies to an interested public.  Here are some of the things that people have said about my public lectures and classes most recently:

 I have attended many lectures over the years (and suffered through not a few)  and rarely have I encountered a lecturer with the learning, ease and wit of Dr. Dolansky. She wears her deep knowledge of the Hebrew Bible lightly and brings alive the ancient Biblical world in a most engaging way. She provoked much discussion among the students (so much so that a sixth lecture was thrown in via Youtube to complete the course material) and we all felt (even the Biblically-challenged) that somehow we’d been transported into a select graduate seminar. Run, don’t walk, to Dr. Dolansky’s next lecture series. Whatever the subject, it will be worth your time and twice the registration fee.

— Stephen Acker

Dr. Dolansky is an engaging, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable teacher. She is both well organized in her material and presentation and patient with student questions no matter how simple or difficult the questions. It has always been a pleasure to attend her classes and after having taken at least 4 courses from her, I would not hesitate to sign up for more in the future.

— D. Blue

Dr. Dolansky’s lectures on Biblical Judaism are among the most interesting, the most intriguing, and even the most amusing that I have ever heard.  In contrast to most lectures, I always leave one of her lectures wishing it were longer.

— David Brooks

I’ve been privileged to study with Dr. Dolansky a number of times over the past few years.  She brings the ancient world to life through her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for her subject.  I leave every lecture with new insight into and respect for our heritage.

— Leslie Ram

Your lecture series has been thoroughly enjoyable and highly educational.  I very much appreciate the efforts you have made to structure the series and the depth of your scholarship, in addition to your communication skills. 

— Michael Tiger

 I have attended a couple of lectures by Shawna Dolansky and found her to be a very engaging teacher, who is clearly an expert in her field. Her talks were informative and thought-provoking, and I look forward to hearing her again.

— Martin Freeman