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Adath Shalom Congregation – Virtual Shabbaton December 20, 2020

History & Meaning: connecting the story of Joseph in Egypt with the story of Hanukkah

For our December Shabbaton, Shawna will record a lecture entitled “The Truth(s) About Hanukkah,” available for streaming from December 13 through December 20.  The afternoon of Dec 20, Shawna will give a “live” dvar Torah on the week’s parsha, in which Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dreams in Egypt, and also hold a Q&A on her Hanukkah lecture.  On the surface there doesn’t appear to be much that connects these two very different stories: different characters, different time periods, and different plots make it difficult to see anything in common between them, other than the fact that they are both stories that have survived in Jewish tradition.  However, having that in common will be precisely our focus.  In both the lecture and the dvar,  Shawna will look at the histories behind these stories, and discuss how storytellers in different places and times reinterpret that history in order to reinvest it with new meaning in every age.


Adath Shalom Congregation – Virtual Shabbaton July 4, 2021

The Daughters of Zelophehad: Women in Ancient Israel

more details coming soon!


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