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Online Articles

How the Serpent Became Satan,” online at (website of Biblical Archaeology Review), 04-08-16.

Understanding Israel’s 10 Commandments,” online at (website of Biblical Archaeology Review), 04-15-18.

The Immortal Myth of Adam and Eve,” online at

The Debasement of Dinah,” online at

Regarding Azazel and Homosexuals in the Same Parasha,” online at

The Import of Lex Talionis in the Story of the Blasphemer,” online at

Why Can Women’s Vows Be Vetoed?” online at

Birkat Kohanim – The Magic of a Blessing,” online at

A Goddess in the Garden?” online at

Gilgamesh and the Bible,” online at

Sheol,” online at

Gender and the Hebrew Bible,” online at

Occasional columns on the Huffington Post throughout 2011 focused on interpreting the Bible in the modern world on topics such as abortion, homosexuality, and the celebration of Hanukah.

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