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University Courses

Following is a list of all of the university courses I have taught (or am currently assigned to teach – marked with an *), including links to syllabi for more recent courses.

Carleton University (2011-2020)

Myth & Symbol (HUMS 1000) – co-taught with Chris Jensen

Myth and Symbol (HUMS 1000) – co-taught with Noel Salmond

Judaism Christianity and Islam (RELI 1710)

Hebrew Bible (RELI 2121)

Greek and Roman Sexuality (CLCV 2405)

Gender & Religion (RELI 2535)

Maccabees to Muhammad (RELI 2710)

Reading Biblical Hebrew (RELI 2842A)

Apocalypse in Film (RELI 2840A)

Rabbinic Texts (RELI 3120)

Classical Theories of Religion (RELI 3741)

Adam and Eve and Their Interpreters (RELI 3842)

God in Israel (RELI 3850) – travel course

Theory & Method in the Study of Religion (RELI 4740)

ReConstructing Religion (RELI 4850/5850)

Sex & The Bible (RELI 4850/5850)

Religion and Public Life – The Jewish Community (RELI 4851/5851)

The Bible in Public Life (RELI 4851/5851)

*Historiography, Historical Fiction, & Ancient Religion (RELI 4850/5850)

 Queen’s University (2010-2018)

Judaism (RELS 234)

Sages, Scholars & Rabbis (RELS 228)

Jewish Views of the Other (RELS 334/834)

Hebrew Prophets (THEO 710)

 Northeastern University (2006-2011)

Understanding the Bible

Introduction to Jewish Religion and Culture

Feminist Methodologies (graduate course in Sociology co-taught with Debra Kaufman)

Women in Religion

Adam and Eve and Their Interpreters

Apocalypticism in Film

Directed Group Study: The Bible in the Modern World

UC San Diego (2000-2006)

 Making of the Modern World 2: The Great Classical Traditions

Making of the Modern World 3: The Medieval Heritage

Humanities 1: The Foundations of Western Civilization

Texts and Contexts: The Holy Book in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Introduction to the New Testament

Goddess Worship in Western Religious Traditions

San Diego State University (2004-2006)

Introduction to World Religions

Exploring the Bible

Ancient Near Eastern Religions

The Hebrew Bible